Two More Venues For The 2019 Barstool Classic Have Been Announced

NEW stops available for registration NOW for 24 hours for Barstool Gold members, tomorrow at 3pm EST for the public:

NYC area: Forest Hill Field Club, July 29th
Philly area: Philmont CC, August 6th

The Barstool Classic is THE golf tour for the people, by the people. It’s the greatest opportunity in the history of golf for weekend players to compete at world-class venues, in front of the world (internet), for huge prizes and a legendary trophy.

8 qualifying stops. Boston (Wollaston & Granite Links), Chicago (Harborside), Connecticut (Lake of Isles), DC (Whiskey Creek), NYC (Pound Ridge). And now we’ve added the final two feeder stops. Golfers may only compete at 1 stop and, if finishing in the top-6, will qualify to the Championship, the venue and date of which will be announced later this week.

Big thanks to both these venues welcoming the inaugural Classic, and to TRULY hard seltzer for both their deliciousness and their commitment to the Classic. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to stage this historic tour at such phenomenal venues.

The Classic kicks off this Monday at Wollaston Golf Club just outside of Boston. Can’t wait.

Brett Merriman