A Note from Commissioner Riggs

For years now I've had a vision. No it was not blurry. That vision has been to channel Barstool's resources into building a golf tour that provides for common golfers everywhere an opportunity to compete for something special, to do it in a fun environment, to do it with a friend, and to do it with thousands of others across the country.

Everyone who plays golf loves to play with something on the line. We love to have 5-footers that matter. We love to rip a drive or stick a wedge or drain a putt and high five our buddy. And we love to do it in a fun environment on a sick golf course. 

Introducing the Barstool Classic. We're sparing no expense in making each event AWESOME. We're able to do so thanks to the delicious, the tasty, the refreshing TRULY hard seltzer. As a boondoggler who plays as many golf events as I possibly can, I know what makes them great. These will be great. 

Here's the deal.

  • 8 stops across 6 regions with a Championship 9th stop in the northeast.

  • The format is 2-person, four ball, stroke play (each play your own ball, take the lowest score of the two for each hole).

  • Teams can only participate in one qualifying event.

  • 50% handicaps. Must have a GHIN number to register. 

    Each stop includes 18 holes of golf, a premium gift bag, and a happy hour with food and drink included (let's have some fun). You may drink before, during, and after the event, or not at all. It's a free country.

  • The opportunity to finish top-6 and advance to the Championship, where you can win $10,000 cash.

  • The opportunity to win prizes at your stop, including $1,000 cash to first place

  • The option to opt out of prizes if you'd like to retain your amateur status.

  • Entry available EXCLUSIVELY to Barstool Gold members now through 12 noon on Thursday (April 18th), then open to the public.

  • Stops: 2 Boston, 2 NYC, 1 Chicago, 1 DC, 1 Philly, 1 Connecticut (Foxwoods).

  • Commissioner Riggs has final say on everything.

This will be awesome.


Let’s play some golf.

Commissioner Riggs